Cleveland air curtain bug barrier

Bugging Out: Air Curtains & Bug Barriers Can Help Cleveland Businesses Keep Bugs at Bay

By advancedoor | March 30, 2024

Stave off summer pests on your premises this year by investing in air curtains and/or bug barriers, both of which can be installed by our Cleveland commercial door professionals. When unwanted critters are creeping (or flying, flitting, or falling) onsite,…

Cleveland garage door helps reduce pests

How the Right Cleveland Garage Door Can Help Keep Mice, Other Pests at Bay

Even the most ardent animal lovers aren’t generally keen for mice, cockroaches, flies, and other pests to make a home in their garages. Beyond just making us squeamish, these creatures pose very real health risks for homeowners and are a…

Cleveland cantilever gates

Pros & Cons of Cantilever Gates for NE Ohio Business Operations

Gates can provide security, controlled access, and privacy for Northeast Ohio businesses. It may even drive down your insurance premiums! Finding the right gating for your operations is key. It’s been the experience of our Cleveland gate experts that cantilever…

Cleveland commercial garage door

5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Cleveland Commercial Garage Door for Your Business

For many companies, your garage doors may not be the most prominent or glamorous aspect of your operations. Yet they are often integral – impacting safety, workflow, and energy efficiency for years to come. If you’re in the market for…

Cleveland garage door maintenance winter

Cleveland Garage Door Maintenance in Ohio Winter Weather

When the weather outside is frightful, proactive Cleveland garage door maintenance is foresightful! (We promise we’re better with doors than poetry.) In all seriousness, Advance Door customers can squeeze greater longevity from their Cleveland garage doors by making maintenance more…

Cleveland insulated garage doors

Benefits of Cleveland Insulated Garage Doors for Our Commercial Customers

If your commercial enterprise regularly uses a garage and prioritizes thermal efficiency, quality air filtration, strict wind load requirements, or sound barriers, it may be time to consider insulated garage doors. Our Northeast Ohio business clients count on Advance Door’s…

Cleveland ADA compliant doors

ADA Compliant Doors: A Cleveland Business Owner Guide

Opening your doors to the public means ensuring those doors readily open for all. Most Cleveland businesses, property owners, and non-profit operations are required by law to have ADA compliant doors, allowing safe entry and exit for people of all…

Cleveland overhead commercial door

Cleveland Overhead Commercial Door Safety Tips

A Cleveland overhead commercial door does more than merely let people and vehicles pass in and out of your facility. It provides your operation with functionality, security, thermal efficiency, and weather protection. Ideally, it looks good too! But first and…

Cleveland commercial door

How Do I Know if My Cleveland Commercial Door Needs Repaired or Replaced?

A Cleveland commercial door is more than a mere ornamental feature. It keeps your business premises secure, helps regulates inside temperatures, and is often an essential component of your operations. If an industrial door is damaged, your job site may…

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