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5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Cleveland Commercial Garage Door for Your Business

For many companies, your garage doors may not be the most prominent or glamorous aspect of your operations. Yet they are often integral – impacting safety, workflow, and energy efficiency for years to come. If you’re in the market for a new or replacement Cleveland commercial garage door for your business, the professionals at Advance Door have 5 points to consider.

Deciding on a Closure Type

For the most part, you’ll find there are two main types of Cleveland commercial garage door to choose from: Sectional and rolling.

Rolling garage doors are most often made of steel slats. When fully closed, they interlock, and then coil when rolled up. Lots of companies find rolling garage doors are a great option because they’re versatile, compact, and easy-to-operate. Depending on how frequently they’re in use, they can also be installed to operate at varying speeds. Composed of durable materials, they’re ideal for security as well as longevity.

Sectional garage doors, meanwhile, are those with hinged panels designed to roll on an up-and-down track that runs along either side. You’ll notice these more commonly with residential garages, but some commercial operations prefer them as well. They tend to offer a cleaner aesthetic, but also a higher U-factor (rating for how quickly heat passes through the primary material) compared to rolling garage doors. If your garage door is going to be in a prominent or highly visible location, you may lean toward a sectional door. It’s also good for operations where controlling climate is a top priority.

Considering Size Constraints of Your Cleveland Commercial Garage Door Needs

The amount of space you have can directly impact not only which closure type you choose, but also how that will impact your ability to incorporate other vital fixtures and components. Careful consideration should be given to building codes, industry standards, and manufacturer recommendations.

Sectional doors usually don’t require a great deal of room overhead, so long as there’s enough space for the door to lay horizontal against the ceiling when opened. But if you have a rolling garage door, you need to make sure there’s enough room for the coil when it’s retracted.

Don’t forget: You may need to factor how the sprinklers, lighting fixtures, HVAC equipment, and other possible elements may impact the available space, as well as the proper operation of your doors.

Selecting the Ideal Operational Speed

Garage doors can be adjusted to operate a broad range of speeds. Some organizations might only use their garage door a few times a day or even less frequently. If it takes a bit longer to open, it’s not a major concern. However, if you’re storing temperature-controlled items in that storage space, slow operational speed can put your products at risk. Similarly, if you have teams constantly moving in and out all day, a slow-opening/closing door not only impedes productivity, but might pose a safety issue.

Singling Out the Best Cycle Rating

All businesses have different operational needs that will impact how many days out of the year and how many times a day your garage door is used. Garage doors are given cycle ratings for how long they will last. These can be anywhere from 10,000 to 1 million.

Let’s say you have a Cleveland commercial garage door with a cycle rating of 10,000 (on the low-end). If that door is used twice daily it should last about 13 to 14 years before it needs to be replaced. However, if it’s used six times daily, you’ll likely need to replace it after 4 to 5 years.

Weighing in on the Wind Load

Commercial garage doors installed in Northeast Ohio need to be able to safely withstand a certain amount of wind force – both while it’s closed and while it’s being operated. Some of this is dictated by local codes, but our garage door professionals can help you pinpoint the best option for both your area and operational needs.

Advance Door Co. provides commercial door products, services, repairs, and replacements to customers throughout Northeast Ohio, including Cleveland, Parma, and surrounding communities.

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