Cleveland insulated garage doors

Benefits of Cleveland Insulated Garage Doors for Our Commercial Customers

If your commercial enterprise regularly uses a garage and prioritizes thermal efficiency, quality air filtration, strict wind load requirements, or sound barriers, it may be time to consider insulated garage doors. Our Northeast Ohio business clients count on Advance Door’s Cleveland insulated garage door stock, installation, maintenance, and repairs to keep their premises secure and their costs down.

Quality garage doors provide commercial operations with protection, privacy, and expedient ingress/egress of products, people, and vehicles. But if your garage doors are old, flimsy, or poorly maintained, they can be “energy vampires,” meaning they are a source of a noticeable energy loss. This is especially true when they aren’t insulated. Garage doors in poor condition can also contribute to noise pollution, security risks, and exposure to extreme weather conditions.

Our Cleveland insulated garage doors provide effective, lasting remedies at reasonable prices. The upfront costs for insulated doors are higher, but the long-term trade-off is an energy-efficient, low-maintenance solution.

Insulated Garage Door Types

There is no one-size-fits-all type of garage door insulation that’s going to work in every region, every industry, or for every business. Warehouses have inherently different garage door needs than grocery retailers. Rural machine manufacturers will need different garage doors than large, urban office complexes. All of these operations can likely benefit from insulated garage doors, though perhaps for different reasons – and thus may require different materials.

Some examples of options we offer our Cleveland insulated garage doors’ customers:

  • Fiberglass doors. These are doors specifically manufactured with a foam core to minimize energy loss.
  • Vinyl-backed insulated doors. These garage doors have a vinyl backing and the interior is filled with polystyrene insulation. These are both relatively affordable (both the product and the install) and lightweight. However, they may provide less thermal resistance and might require more frequent repairs and replacement compared to other choices.
  • Steel backer insulated doors. Very similar to vinyl-backed doors, but with a barrier that involves an add-on layer of steel on the interior side. These are a little pricier than vinyl-backed doors, but they’re more durable and will last longer.
  • Steelback polyurethane insulated doors. Close in comparison to steel backer insulated doors, except rather than use panels of polyurethane, the insulated substance is injected as a liquid into the shell of the door. The liquid expands, hardens, and bonds to the interior door surfaces, giving the door a very high R-value (measure of thermal efficiency). These doors are expensive and heavy, but they’re durable and will last a long while.

It’s our goal to ensure every client finds the best insulated garage door options for their budget and operational needs.

Primary Perks to Cleveland Insulated Garage Doors

If you’re still weighing which option is right for your business, consider the following benefits of insulated garage doors:

  • Energy efficiency. This is probably the top selling point for most companies. Maintaining a relatively stable temperature in the garage area is important for lots of businesses. It may be of critical importance for those responsible for storing temperature-controlled goods. For others, insulated garage doors will mean heaters won’t have to work so hard in winter; same for air conditioners in the summer. That’s a quantifiable savings that begins immediately.
  • Greater durability. Insulated commercial garage doors have more layers, which mean they can withstand more extremes and last longer compared to doors that don’t have insulation.
  • Employee comfort. When you find good workers, you want to give them every reason to stay – and comfortable working conditions are a must. Insulated garage doors can go a long way toward providing that, especially if your workers are frequently in-and-out of the garage area.
  • Less noise. This goes for a few different things. Firstly, the garage doors themselves tend to be quieter when they’re insulated. But beyond that, they can create a barrier between the sound generated inside your facility to the outside. It can go a long way toward being a better neighbor in your community.

If you have questions about whether an insulated garage door will work for you or which options are in your budget, our dedicated garage door experts can provide answers and estimates.

Advance Door Co. provides commercial door products, services, repairs, and replacements to customers throughout Northeast Ohio, including Cleveland, Parma, and surrounding communities.

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