Cleveland garage door maintenance

Springtime Cleveland Garage Door Checkup

The spring season is all about new beginnings – and it’s probably a good idea to add a Cleveland garage door checkup to that list.

It’s not that garage doors – commercial or residential – need to be upgraded or fixed annually. But as the Cleveland garage door repair and replacement experts at Advance Door can explain, spring is a good time to make sure the components are in decent shape and the door is functioning as it should.

Most people don’t give a second thought about their garage door until it stops working. But consider the fact that the average residential garage door is opened-and-closed 3-5 times daily. That’s roughly 15,000 times a year. Commercial garage doors tend to get even heavier use.

Identifying a functionality issue sooner than later can save you a lot of money in the long-run – possibly allowing you to extend the life of your garage door by several years before it does actually need to be replaced.

A yearly Cleveland garage door check-in every spring can also help to ensure all components are operating safely. The last thing you want is a rectifiable problem becoming a hazard.

Signs Your Garage Door Needs Repairs

If you aren’t sure what to even look for to know whether your garage door might need some maintenance or repairs, consider checking for the following indicators:

Slow response time.

An automatic or remote-powered garage door that takes more than a few seconds to open or close may have an issue with the garage door springs. Another indicator of this is any jerking when opening or closing.

Before calling a professional, you might first try lubricating the hinges, rollers, and tracks of the garage door to see if that resolves the issue. Be sure to use a professional garage door lubricant, as WD-40 will not be effective for this purpose – and could actually exacerbate the issue. If that doesn’t seem to resolve the problem, it’s time to contact a professional for garage door repair in Cleveland.

Excessive noise.

Older remote-controlled garage doors were very noisy. But most modern garage doors are pretty quiet. If your garage door is making a lot of sound, that’s a repair-or-replacement red flag. Some examples include:

  • Grinding, rattling, or squealing – this could mean the garage door was improperly installed.
  • Slapping – this is potentially a loose chain.
  • Rattling, rumbling, vibrating – that’s an indicator there could be loose nuts and bolts.
  • Banging – This could be a torsion spring or it could be that the door is unbalanced.
  • Popping – This is likely an issue with the torsion spring. These lock up over time, and lead to loud popping noises. Lubrication might be enough to resolve the issue, but if the springs need replaced, you need a garage repair crew.
  • Clinking – This is probably rusted springs. They’ll need to be replaced.

Keep in mind: Garage doors make more noise as they age. If your garage door is old and making a lot of noise, it could be time for an adjustment/tune-up or possibly a replacement.


If your garage door is sagging, it could be off-balance. This is an issue for a garage repair company.

Off the Tracks

A garage door that has slipped or somehow come off the tracks is a problem that needs to be immediately addressed. Garage doors need to operate within the tracks at all times. An off-track garage door can cause serious injuries.

It could mean some of the door or system parts need to be repaired or replaced. It may just need to be realigned. The door or rollers need to be replaced.

This is a job for the professionals. Don’t try to fix or replace an off-track garage door on your own.

Stuck or Failure to Open

If your garage door won’t open, that could be a number of issues. A lot of times, it’s an issue with the opener. It could also be a track obstruction or worn out rollers. If a vehicle ran into the door at any point, that can cause all kinds of issues – but failure to open is one of the most common.

Avoid Garage Door Self-Repairs

The thing with garage door repairs is that they can be dangerous. They’re calibrated to hold a certain amount of weight. You throw it off balance while trying to fix it yourself, and you risk not only botching the job (and needing more extensive repairs), you could get yourself hurt. And if the job isn’t done right, it puts everyone who uses it at risk.

Our team has extensive experience and the right tools, and we pride ourselves on fair pricing. Your garage door keeps your family safe and your property secure, so it’s worth prioritizing if something isn’t right.

Advance Door Co. provides commercial door products, services, repairs, and replacements to customers throughout Northeast Ohio, including Cleveland, Parma, and surrounding communities.

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