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Pros & Cons of Cantilever Gates for NE Ohio Business Operations

Gates can provide security, controlled access, and privacy for Northeast Ohio businesses. It may even drive down your insurance premiums! Finding the right gating for your operations is key. It’s been the experience of our Cleveland gate experts that cantilever gates check a lot of the benefit boxes for many local commercial operations.

Here, we’ll explain exactly what cantilever gates are and why so many businesses find them beneficial.

So… What Are Cantilever Gates?

If you aren’t in the businesses of Cleveland commercial gates, odds are fair you have little more than a vague notion of the different options available. Industry standards for your operations may limit your options, but cantilever gates often fit the bill. They’re affordable, versatile, relatively low-maintenance, and come in many variations and potential modifications to fit your purposes.

The term is sort of a catch-all for what can look very different from location to location. Basically, these are trackless gate systems that slide open and closed along the length of a fence. The gate itself doesn’t touch the ground. It’s suspended, with rollers that get tucked behind fencing. It’s counter-balanced and hangs on 2+ mounting posts, allowing it to glide smoothly in a straight line along the fencing.

This differs a bit from roller gates (another type of sliding gate) that rests on wheels or tracks, with no counterbalance required.

They can be made with all sorts of material, from steel to iron to aluminum to wood to composite – depending on their function. They can be decorative (this is done a lot on residential properties), but can be designed and installed for optimal effectiveness on high-security properties – including airports, military bases, gated communities, prisons, border stations, public service facilities, and chemical plants.

Upsides of a Cantilever Gate for Your Company

Obviously no single commercial gate solution is going to work for every organization. But a cantilever gate can work for quite a lot of them, particularly when compared to roller gates or swing gates (those that swing in or out for ingress/egress).

Some of the primary benefits:

  • Larger opening width. These types of gates allow for approximately 50 percent wider gate openings compared to many other types of commercial gates. It’s ideal for operations that routinely require large vehicles to pass through. They can be built-to-order, if you have unique specifications.
  • Some flexibility of terrain. A cantilever gate is not going to work well in an area with a steep incline. However, it can be ideal if the surface below isn’t smoothly paved (gravel, dirt, sand, etc.) – surfaces that would not be able to accommodate a track.
  • Optimal safety. Gap protectors and guide roller covers prevent entrapment.
  • Can be motorized. Depending on your operational requirements, cantilever gates can be motorized for optimal benefit. Double or single-track cantilever gates may be available.
  • Easy maintenance. Depending on their application, frequency of use, and environment, traditional sliding gate tracks tend to require a fair amount of maintenance. Keeping that track clean, free of debris, snow/ice/salt, and properly lubricated requires a time investment – and can be costly if you aren’t able to keep up with it. A cantilever gate, on the other hand, has no track. Most just need to be adequately lubricated and checked over every year or two.
  • They last a long time. If you take good care of a cantilever gate, it should last you a good long while – often longer than a traditional roller gate or swing gate. Because they’re suspended and don’t drag on the ground like other types of gates, they’re much slower to show signs of wearing and tearing.

If you’re still uncertain what type of Cleveland commercial gate is best for your operation, we can help.

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