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Why Cleveland Commercial Door Customers Choose Hollow Steel Doors

For many Cleveland commercial door customers, hollow steel doors are often the best option when you need a combination of durability, security, practicality, fire safety, insulation, and low maintenance. Most come standard with steel frames, 1-2 door panels, and 3-5 hinge mounting points.

Common applications for hollow steel doors include:

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing centers
  • Apartment and condominium complexes
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Dormitories
  • Event venues
  • Institutions

Really anywhere that a commercial door must provide a bit of extra safety and security, hollow steel doors are a smart choice.

Cleveland Commercial Door Priorities

Metal doors in general are popular because they can come in a range of security levels/strengths for a variety of operational uses. Metal is much harder to penetrate or break down compared to wood, glass, or polyvinyl. They can be ideal for both outdoor and indoor use.

Stainless steel doors in particular are a favored option for commercial operations. As an iron/carbon alloy, it has the strength of iron, as well as the rust-resistant properties of carbon. (They do still need to be properly primed and painted for optimal oxidation prevention.)

Hollow steel doors can also be fitted with various glass window fixtures, including flush (no windows), narrow panels, small square panels, half-door panels, and full glass.

Top-Tier Security and Durability

Probably the No. 1 advantage of hollow steel doors for most Cleveland commercial door customers is security. Steel is sturdy. It can be strong enough to withstand a great deal of force – natural, human, or machine. They can be bullet-proof, weather-resistant, and made to withstand heavy use and abuse. They’re ideal for high-traffic areas.

Additional locking and security hardware features (magnetic locks, panic hardware, electrified mortise locks) can be neatly contained within the door itself.

On average, they also last a lot longer than many other types of doors and tend to require less maintenance (depending on use level). They are also generally less vulnerable to cracking and bowing compared to doors made of other lighter materials.

Excellent Fire Safety

Hollow steel doors can be vital in protecting people and minimizing property damage in the event of a fire. All commercial doors are fire-rated for resistance to fire, heat, and smoke – but they aren’t all equal. Each door product is given a fire rating, based on meeting the requirements of International Fire Codes, as well as NFPA 80, and third-party testing. The fire rating is typically based on how many minutes or hours the door can withstand fire and heat. The required fire rating for specific types of Cleveland commercial doors is outlined in local building codes, and often depends on the type of operation you have. (In order to be considered a “fire door,” it needs to be not only heat/flame resistant, but also self-closing and positive latching. Hardware should be appropriately fire rated as well.) There are also temperature rise doors that that can minimize the transfer of heat from one side to the other. (These are most commonly found in stairwells of multi-story buildings.)

Great Energy Efficiency

When you’re choosing a new Cleveland commercial door, it’s important to pay attention to the energy performance rating in relation to the local climate as well as the function and design of your operation.

Hollow steel doors are often insulated with some type of polyurethane or polystyrene material. The exact type of insulation usually depends on the fire rating requirements, but you also get the benefit of sound reduction and temperature regulation.

The thermal efficiency level of your door is measured by something called a U-rating or U-value. This is the degree to which the door transmits non-solar heat flow. Doors with a low U-value are more energy efficient and better lock in the internal temperature – meaning you spend less on temperature control.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a correctly-installed, 1.5-inch thick steel door without a window provides five times the insulating value of a solid wood door of the same size. The U-value will increase if you add windows, as glass is a poor insulator.

If you are considering purchasing new or replacement hollow steel doors for your Cleveland commercial operation, we can answer your questions, offer a quote, and schedule installation services.

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