Advance Door Co. sells, installs, and services quality Cleveland commercial doors and operators.

Our highly-skilled Cleveland Commercial Garage Doors Openers + Operators technicians provide expert assessments, welcome custom orders, and are on-call 24-7 service if a door or operator malfunction gives rise to immediate safety or security concerns.

We recognize that companies across Northeast Ohio count on their commercial doors and operators to be functional, safe, durable, and reliable. Our clients’ trust in our team to help them find the best industrial door solutions for the unique demands of their operations is a responsibility we take seriously.

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Among the types of commercial doors and operators we sell and service in the Cleveland area:

Sectional Doors and Rolling Steel Doors.

Rolling steel doors are metal-slatted doors that roll up into a coil at the top of the entryway. Sometimes referred to as overhead coiling doors or service doors, they’re typically made of heavier-duty materials and used in commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings to prevent unauthorized entry and shield against adverse weather conditions. Rolling steel doors are built to last, and generally don’t require frequent maintenance.

Sectional doors, on the other hand, are made of several horizontal panels joined together with hinges. They tend to be less expensive than rolling steel doors, but made of lighter materials that may require more frequent maintenance depending on how heavily they’re used. Whereas rolling steel doors are usually mounted to the face of the wall and supported by that wall, requiring no connection to the ceiling or roof, sectional doors usually float up and overhead, mounted to the vertical face of the wall but with a horizontal track that’s supported from the ceiling or roof.

Commercial Overhead Doors

Overhead doors are a broad category of commercial doors that are mounted to a structure’s vertical face, feature ceiling-hanging door tracks, and open-and-close vertically. Some Cleveland commercial overhead doors can be moved up or down manually, but newer models are usually operated with a remote or even a mobile app. Customized features of overhead doors include various insulation levels, track options, materials, and weatherstripping.

Fabric and Rubber Doors

Although fabric and rubber may not seem like ideal door materials, both have proven incredibly useful for some commercial and industrial applications.

Fabric doors are usually constructed with multiple layers of polyester materials that are then coated in PVC and then added to more layers of a polyester weave. Fabric doors are often used in places like food storage facilities and pharmaceutical clean rooms. They can stand up to heavy traffic, require minimal maintenance, are easy-to-clean, and insulate against outside temperatures.

Rubber doors are very durable and generally intended for extreme environments and high traffic areas. High speed rubber doors are used in a broad range of applications, including military facilities, food processing operations, heavy manufacturing settings, pulp and paper makers, oil and gas operations and bus transit facilities. They protect controlled areas from being cross-contaminated with airborne elements and outside weather conditions. They also tend to require minimal repairs, particularly for customers who take advantage of a regular maintenance plan.

Commercial Shutters & Grilles

Advance Door Co. offers an extensive array of commercial shutters and grilles for Cleveland companies of all industries and sizes. Primarily used for storefront windows and entryways, commercial shutters and grilles provide premises security from would-be vandals, trespassers, and thieves outside of normal business hours.

Security grilles usually consist of a steel lattice fixed over a door, window, or entryway, forming a physical barrier to keep potential intruders from gaining access.

Commercial shutters meanwhile cover shop windows, doors, and entryways entirely, barring passersby from seeing inside and acting as a break-in and vandalism deterrent.

High Speed Door

Commercial high speed doors are just that: Powered, rolling doors with high-cycle performance. They serve the basic door function of being a barrier, but the most important unique feature of a high speed door is the ability to open and close very quickly. Allowing fast movement through a facility is particularly important in certain industries, such as logistics, tech, and food processing. Our Cleveland high speed doors help improve productivity, as equipment, people, and products are able to move quickly through the facility. They also reduce airborne contaminants, improve employee and visitor safety, and reduce loss of heating and cooling with tight seals and wind resistance.

Bug Barriers and Air Curtains

Preventing insects and pests from entering certain areas of commercial facilities is a highly-requested application. Regular doors may be sufficient for some sites, but those can be problematic when airflow is also an imperative. Bug barriers are a type of industrial mesh that allow air to circulate while keeping critters out. Air curtains, sometimes called “air doors,” are machines that blow controlled streams of air across an opening or access point to prevent air, contaminants, and flying insects from entering.


Integrated door systems with automatic door operators can make it easier - and safer - to perform daily tasks. Our Cleveland commercial door operators are made to meet the performance needs of our commercial and industrial customers. We offer a full line of industrial doors & operators, as well as customized designs for a broad range of specialized applications.

Fire Door Drop Tests

Northeast Ohio fire door drop tests are required to ensure that the fire doors in commercial buildings meet the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards - specifically, the NFPA-80 section requirements. Our Advance Door Co. techs will first visually inspect the door for breaks or holes, improper clearance,  incorrectly-installed components, etc. From there, we’ll make sure the doors function according to manufacturer specifications and that they fully close. Finally, we’ll check to see the automatic closing devices are properly reset. If the test reveals issues, we can initiate repairs immediately.

Cleveland Commercial Garage Doors Openers + Operators

With over 40 years providing lasting door, lift and gate solutions across Greater Cleveland, we have the experience and regional knowhow for virtually any doorway need. Our team of IDA Certified installers and technicians here in Northeast Ohio provide new construction doors, replacements, repairs and maintenance.

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