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Cleveland Garage Door Replacement Pro Tips

Garage doors are the main way many of us come-and-go. If your garage door isn’t functioning as it should, it can be a real headache – not to mention money pit. Still, whether we’re talking about a business or a household, going all-in for a brand new setup can be a big expense. If you’re on the fence about a Cleveland garage door replacement, a few points to consider:

  • Replacement of a garage door is the No. 1 most ROI-positive home improvement project one can do in Northeast Ohio, according to a 2022 analysis by Remodeling Magazine. (It’s No. 2 nationally.)
  • The Northeast Ohio average ROI of upgrading a garage door is 95.2% of costs recouped. The national average is 94.5%.
  • It boosts the curb appeal significantly, yielding up to a 4% increase in a home’s perceived selling price.

There’s a measurable benefit for commercial garage door customers as well. Among those:

  • Newer garage doors go a long way toward reducing energy bills. Poor insulation, cracks, and worn seals on older garage doors inevitably leads to hot or cool air escaping to adjacent workspaces or outside, putting an additional strain on your HVAC system.
  • Cleveland garage door replacement can also help businesses reduce noise pollution – which can be especially important for those with loading docks or storage separate from the front, customer-facing areas.
  • The newer the door, the fewer the maintenance costs. Lots of garage door functional and safety problems start small, but can quickly become major issues. Prioritizing regular maintenance and annual check-ups is a smart way to keep garage door repair expenses down, but if you’re having to call in a professional every few months, it’s probably time to look at replacement. It will be more cost efficient in the long-run.
  • Garage doors that are damaged, worn, or weakened pose potential security risks to businesses by making them an easy target. Newer doors come equipped with numerous security features that help deter would-be break-ins and other crimes.

Our Cleveland garage door replacement experts at Advance Door recognize that buying a brand new set-up is a sizeable outlay of money. But it’s an investment that’s almost always worth it to the buyer.

Primary Considerations for a Cleveland Garage Door Replacement

Everyone’s needs and unique style is a bit different. But there are a few common considerations that we urge anyone in the market for a new garage door (or doors) to consider:

  • Practicality. Garage doors can serve many purposes, but typically their No. 1 function is to allow for in-and-out traffic. That seems simple enough, but there are many different ways that they can operate. Some split in the center, others swing outward, others slide left-to-right, others slide up overhead on a track – the list goes on. Most homeowners (and many businesses) lean toward the overhead sectional design – primarily because they allow for maximum clearance and they pair simply with automatic openers. (Other types of doors can be automated, but they might be pricier.) The good news is that with newer models, you can often get the look of an older, more classic door but with the functionality of a recent model.
  • Aesthetic. This is usually the main thing people consider – and it’s important – just usually not the first factor on our list. You want a style of door that will have some visual appeal – particularly if it’s for your home or the front of your business operation. For better or worse, your garage door makes a statement. Make sure it’s one that aligns with the rest of the stylistic elements of the structure. You wouldn’t necessarily put a garage door with extensive woodwork and ornate windows on a modern building with clean, straight lines. As mentioned before, you may be able to get the look you’re going for without compromising functional elements by choosing certain finishes, etc. (For example, you can get a steel door that looks like a wooden door, but will still offer the security, longevity, and function you get form the former.)
  • Insulation. An insulated garage door adds a lot of value – particularly here in Northeast Ohio, where we experience the full scope of all seasons. In addition to temperature comfort, insulation improves energy efficiency and reduces the risk of pests.
  • Maintenance. This goes back to practicality, but it’s important to point out that certain garage door materials are going to inherently require more maintenance and care than others – particularly if you don’t want to be looking at another replacement a few years down the road. Wood surfaces may require periodic refinishing. Steel is great too, but you may need to wax it occasionally and take other measures to prevent rust. Ask the garage door replacement professionals you’re working with about the specific care and maintenance recommendations for each model you’re considering.
  • Weather. Although we’re not at risk of hurricanes here in the Midwest, we’re not immune to severe storms – snowstorms, tornadoes, etc. Make sure the door you’re buying is code-compliant for wind resistance. You may want to invest in a heavier-duty door that can withstand the worst of the weather – which will cost more upfront, but reduce the odds you’ll need a replacement in short order due to a major weather event.

These are just a few of the top considerations to weigh when you’re thinking of replacing your garage door. If you have other specific concerns, we’re happy to go through your checklist and help you identify the replacement materials, design, and functionality that will work best for you.

Advance Door Co. provides commercial door products, services, repairs, and replacements to customers throughout Northeast Ohio, including Cleveland, Parma, and surrounding communities.

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