best shutters, grilles, and security gates for business in Cleveland

Best Shutters, Grilles, and Security Gates for Business Owners in Cleveland

Whether you’re a mom-and-pop or international conglomerate, business owners of all sizes need to prioritize the protection of their onsite assets. As the Cleveland door experts at Advance Door can explain, shutters, grilles, and/or security gates for business sites can…

Ohio garage door roller replacement FAQ

NE Ohio Garage Door Roller Replacement FAQ

repairing a noisy garage door in Cleveland

Top 5 Culprits of a Noisy Garage Door

Cleveland garage doors

How Long Will My Cleveland Garage Doors Last?

Cleveland automatic door glitch

When Cleveland Automatic Doors Get Glitchy

When your Cleveland automatic doors get glitchy, it’s time to get on the phone with Advance Door. Our knowledgeable commercial door repair & replacement experts can help you troubleshoot and outline an action plan for short- and long-term solutions aimed…

best Ohio residential garage door materials

Top 5 Ohio Residential Garage Door Materials

When choosing the best Ohio residential garage door materials for your home, it’s important to weigh factors like durability, curb appeal, eco-friendliness, energy efficiency, and weather resistance that holds up in the local climate. That can be tricky here in…

Cleveland loading dock equipment

How to Tell Your Cleveland Loading Dock Equipment is Due for an Upgrade

Cleveland loading dock equipment is critical to the productivity of so many Northeast Ohio operations – from manufacturing companies to retail stores. Keeping all components of your loading dock in good working order ensures not only work flow efficiency, but…

Cleveland commercial door repair and replacement

Cleveland Commercial Door Red Flags for Repairs

Nothing lasts forever – not even the best Cleveland commercial door. Unfortunately, knowing exactly when it’s time for a repair or replacement isn’t always black-and-white. However, there are some common red flags that signal it’s time to have your Cleveland…

panic hardware

What to Know About Panic Hardware Requirements for Cleveland Commercial Doors

Cleveland commercial door

Why Cleveland Commercial Door Customers Choose Hollow Steel Doors

For many Cleveland commercial door customers, hollow steel doors are often the best option when you need a combination of durability, security, practicality, fire safety, insulation, and low maintenance. Most come standard with steel frames, 1-2 door panels, and 3-5…