Cleveland garage door repair experts help troubleshoot

Cleveland Garage Door Repair Experts Help You Troubleshoot Common Problems

Most people don’t give garage doors a second thought – until they stop working. As longtime Cleveland garage door repair experts, we’re adept at helping clients troubleshoot problems.

If there are simple fixes you as the homeowner or business operator can take care of on your own, we’re upfront about that. But some of the more complex maintenance and repair jobs require a professional – not only to make sure it’s done right, but to ensure you’re safe.

A simple, residential garage door that’s properly balanced might only weigh 15 pounds, but a single steel door insulated with vinyl back is somewhere around 150 pounds. Some of the heavier garage doors – especially in the commercial sector – can weigh well over 300 or even 400 pounds. You might save a few bucks trying to DIY it, but one small slip and you’re talking serious injuries. It’s almost never worth it.

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That said, our Cleveland garage door repair team is well-versed on the dozens of issues that can cause a door to malfunction or stop working completely. Some of the most common problems we see:

Won’t open or close properly.

If the door doesn’t open, only closes partially, or seems to randomly get stuck, something definitely isn’t right. One of the most likely culprits is an issue with the door’s balance. It could also be a problem with the door’s track system or the operational spring system. Our Cleveland garage door repair professionals are highly-skilled and experienced, with the knowledge of numerous systems and manufacturers. Our techs can help you identify and fix the problem quickly and at a highly-competitive price.

Excessively loud or noisy.

Sometimes you hear the issue before you see it. Most newer garage doors are made to function fairly quietly, so if yours is making a weird noise, it’s good to pay attention. If it’s a grinding sound, that could be an issue with installation; it might need to be re-installed properly. If the sound you hear is a slapping one, it’s possible there’s a loose chain. Banging usually means there’s either an issue with balance or a torsion spring. (Torsion springs are also often the source when you hear a popping noise.) Vibrating or rattling could be a sign of loose bolts and nuts. If it’s more of a clinking sound, you may have a rust issue – and depending on how bad that is, components or the whole door may need to be replaced.

Often, scheduling a once-a-year garage door maintenance can go a long way in heading off some of the more serious issues – meaning you can likely go longer without needing an entire replacement.

Door opens very slowly.

A lot of times, this could be an accumulation of dirt or dust on the track. Try a thorough clean of the track and lubrication of the rollers (NOT with WD-40 – there are special products specifically for this purpose). If that doesn’t resolve the issue, one of our Cleveland garage door repair techs can take a look and diagnose the issue.

Door won’t open.

Or the door won’t stay up if lifted if the opener is switched off. This is almost always an issue with the torsion spring. Most springs are rated for about 10,000 cycles – but that might not be but a year or two if the door gets heavy use. You can usually tell it’s an issue with the spring because there’s often a visible split. Before you try to repair this yourself, know that the springs are under a great deal of tension – and more than a few ambitious DIY’ers have broken or even lost fingers trying to do so. Our Cleveland garage door repair team is more than happy to help.

If you aren’t sure whether the issue you’re having is a repair vs. replacement – or if you truly need professional help to do it – our trusted team is available with straightforward answers.

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