Commercial gate maintenance and repairs help ensure your gates are in great working condition for years to come.

Our Cleveland commercial gates provide customized access solutions that block unauthorized entries, improve traffic efficiency, and allow for greater onsite transparency. Advance Door is one of the leading Cleveland automatic gate installers, maintenance & repair companies in Ohio. Driveway & property access security of a commercial premises is paramount to smooth operations. But the specific needs of each property varies by industry, location, and premises. Commercial gates sold and serviced by Advance Door Co. provide clients with peace of mind knowing traffic is controlled and their property is secure.

Commercial Gates - Cleveland Loading Dock Equipment Installers

Our Cleveland automatic gate installers provide new construction, replacement and repair of of commercial gates throughout Northeast Ohio:

Driveway Gates

Commercial driveway gates boost the security of your company parking lot, garage, or storage space. Driveway gates are typically best opened and closed by automated access, providing convenience, efficiency, and enhanced security. This can be achieved with remotes, keypads with security codes, and/or intercom systems. Unlike residential driveway gates, commercial driveway gates must take into account heavier traffic and larger vehicles.

Swing Gates

Swing gates are ideal for industrial and commercial applications to secure entrances with flat open spaces on either side (or an area large enough on at least one side to accommodate the wide, half-circle of a swing gate’s radius).

Vertical Pivot Gates

Vertical pivot gates are ideal for Northeast Ohio commercial and industrial sites where uneven ground or in tight spaces won’t allow for a large swing gate or sliding gate. Vertical pivot gates lift up on one axis when they are opened, taking advantage of air space rather than ground space.

Rolling Gates

Rolling gates are typically used at access points on chain link fences, gliding parallel along the fence line with a track-and-wheel system. They are also ideal where swing gates may not be practical, though they do require level grade to allow smooth operation along the track. Commercial rolling gates can also be manufactured in wood, steel, vinyl, and fabric, depending on the application.

Parking Lot Gates

Parking lot gates can be used to control access, provide additional security, or monetize private parking in commercial areas. Advance Door Co. has a wide selection of parking lot gates to choose from, including barrier gates (motorized bars that move up and down to permit entry or exit), security gates that only allow entry with a code, card, or key fob, and swing gates. Our dedicated Cleveland door technicians can help you determine which commercial parking lot gate will work best for your operation.

Perimeter Access Solutions

In addition to gates, Cleveland's Advance Door Co. has been providing commercial door and dock solutions for over 40 years. We install doors and dock equipment for new construction as well as replacements, repair and maintenace for door openers + hardware, access doors of all types and weather seals for any passageway application.

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