Efficiency and safety are both paramount when it comes to dock equipment.

Dock equipment is essential for Northeast Ohio warehouses, logistics firms, retailers, and others to load and unload materials from trucks and into buildings.

Advance Door, Co. is one of the leading Cleveland Loading Dock Equipment Installers in Ohio. We offer many different types of Cleveland dock equipment. The exact products you need will depend on the specific set up of the facility and the particulars of the receiving processes at that location.

Of course, we can also install the dock doors & operators, security gates and perimeter doors as well.

Truck Restraints - Cleveland Loading Dock Equipment Installers

Cleveland Loading Dock Equipment Installers

Our access system experts help clients pinpoint exactly which products are necessary to keep their supply chains moving smoothly. We provide new installs, replacements, maintenance and repairs of dock levelers, shelters, seals, bumpers and truck restraints.

Types of Dock Equipment


Dock levelers essentially bridge the gap and height difference between the dock and the trailer. Typically mounted to the dock face or recessed into a pit at a loading dock door, levelers also help compensate for the up-and-down float of the trailer bed during loading. These devices help boost employee safety by reducing the odds of an accident.

The most popular dock levelers are hydraulic, air-powered, and mechanical. Hydraulic levelers are ideal for high-capacity workloads and they tend to require less regular maintenance. Air-powered dock levelers are activated by a power button which allows the power button to inflate or deflate. They are good for locations that may have extreme temperatures and/or fluctuations. Lastly, mechanical levelers are operated with a release chain that’s pulled up, lifting the leveler into position.

Having the right kind of dock leveler that considers truck height, dock height, and load capacity is critical.

Seals & Bumpers

Dock seals are basically foam pads that trailers compress into when backing in and resting against the dock bumper. This effectively creates a seal around three sides of the truck. Dock seals are pretty affordably priced, but they provide a tight seal for protection and safety. Heavy use dock seals may require regular maintenance and/or replacement, though some seals are more effective than others. Our dock equipment technicians can help you determine the best model to fit your needs.


Loading dock shelters are enclosures that seal the trailer’s perimeter while a trailer is being loaded or unloaded onto the dock, effectively creating a climate-controlled facility as it seals off the internal dock environment from the external dock environment. In addition to providing shelter from the elements or pests, dock shelters also allow for full vehicle access and safe, productive loading/unloading.

Truck Restraints

Truck restraints, also sometimes called a vehicle restraint or a dock lock), are a type of Cleveland dock equipment that prevents transport vehicles from moving away from the dock in the middle of the loading/unloading process. These devices help ensure expensive trailers and cargo stay where it belongs - as well as keeps dock workers safe.

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