The Vital Role of Storefront Doors

Storefront doors are more than a means in-and-out. They’re a first impression for customers and clients.

Whether minimal and modern or formal and fussy – storefront doors can set the tone of a place before a single foot steps inside. But they also have to be functional, accessible, sturdy, secure, safe, energy-efficient, code compliant, and affordable.

Sliding, swing, or rolling? Automatic or manual? Wood, aluminum framed, hollow metal, or glass? Solid or windowed?

That’s a lot to consider. We can help you narrow it down.

Advance Door, Inc. offers wide-ranging options for our Cleveland storefront doors customers – running retail shops, professional offices, restaurants, cafes, salons, hotels, clinics, galleries, and more.  With countless customization options – materials, design, style, security reinforcements, visibility and more – commercial property owners can pick and choose the features that will work best for their purpose and location.

In E-Commerce Era, Cleveland Storefront Doors Matter More Than Ever

There’s no question American shopping habits have changed a lot over the past few years – and the evolution is still continuing. Even since before the pandemic, consumers were leaning more heavily into the convenience of e-commerce and the more personalized experiences of smaller shops.

This means the role of physical storefronts – and by extension, storefront doors – all the more important for businesses of all sizes. Many are shifting to omnichannel retail approaches (with both online and in-person sales options), but with smaller physical footprints with small-format stores.

Storefront doors can help engage customers. This is key because your target audience likely has a wealth of choices. You’re striving to create an experience they can’t easily get at home, in a drive-through, or online.

For example, automatic doors can provide a sense of convenience and luxury. Wooden doors can convey warmth and elegance. Solid, reinforced metal doors show care for customers’ safety and privacy. Vibrant color and hand-crafted embellishments add a flair of whimsy and fun.

Especially for boutiques and specialty shops, your front doors are an extension of your brand.

Even when sharing space or occupying a single unit in a strip of other shops, prioritizing a standout entranceway can set one retailer apart from the rest. Customized commercial storefronts leave a lasting impression, and hopefully encourage repeat visits.

Storefront Door Material Choices

Commercial property owners today have so many choices when it comes to material choices for doors. Options could be somewhat limited by certain industry standards or building codes, but you’ll likely have a strong sense of that already as you begin shopping.

Popular storefront door materials include:


Glass is great for transparency (allowing customers to peer into the inviting atmosphere you’ve created inside). We often recommend tempered or laminated glass for storefronts, as these offer heightened security and durability. Insulated glass doors can help improve energy efficiency – which is important here with the seasonal fluctuations of Northeast Ohio.


Aluminum frame doors are durable, lightweight, rust resistant, and ideal for the variable weather conditions in Cleveland. They can be powder-coated in any color or finish to match your aesthetic and branding.


Steel doors are among the best for businesses that need to prioritize security and durability (i.e., banks, high-value retail stores, etc.). They’re heavier and they can cost a little more, but you can’t beat them for strength.


Wood doors are classic. They can create an upscale appearance great for high-end stores and boutiques. They do tend to require more regular maintenance than other types of doors, but they’re preferred by many of our small business owner clients who rely heavily on storefront advertising and walk-ins.

Trust This Essential Investment to a Premier Cleveland Door Company

Whether you’re shopping for a repair, replacement, or brand new, Advance Door Co. is here to help with your Northeast Ohio storefront door needs.

Advance Door Co. provides commercial door products, services, repairs, and replacements to customers throughout Northeast Ohio, including Cleveland, Parma, and surrounding communities.

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