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Why Industrial Steel Doors Make the Most Sense for Commercial Sites

Industrial steel doors are popular because they can take a beating – without blowing your budget. Although they do sometimes cost a bit more than other options, they’re the top choice for commercial sites because they deliver a high ROI in terms of security, fire rating, sound reduction, sterility, environmental friendliness and vandalism invulnerability. With steel doors, you can have confidence they’re going to stand up to heavy use – swing after swing, slam after slam, person after person, for years to come.

At Advance Door, we can show you a wide variety of customization options for industrial steel doors, including size, windows, weather resistance, and aesthetics.

Who Uses Industrial Steel Doors?

One of the many benefits of steel doors is their versatility across settings. They’re used in a broad range of industries and building building types with varied security and appearance needs.

The most common customers we get for steel commercial doors in Cleveland include:

  • Manufacturing facilities. Steel industrial doors work well in factories, manufacturing plants, and industrial centers where doors need to be capable of withstanding heavy use and harsh environments.
  • Warehouse and distribution centers. These sites need to be secure and their doors need to be durable. This is especially true for customs-bonded warehouses, which are federally required to adhere to stringent security standards – including restricted access to areas where imports are kept and doors that are rated to a certain level of fire resistance.
  • Commercial properties. Office buildings, retail stores, parking garages, and other commercial sites usually opt for steel doors because they’re proven reliable in protecting against break-ins, they rarely need repair and replacement, and there are many ways to customize the look of them (including faux wood grain).
  • Institutional buildings. Hospitals, schools, jails, and government buildings are pretty much all outfitted with steel doors. Some only use industrial steel doors throughout the entire building. They’re weather-resistant, can handle heavy foot traffic, and can be quickly and tightly secured in an emergency.

Industrial steel doors do cost a bit more than other types of doors, but that’s mainly because they’re so durable and last so long. Customers pay more upfront, but then get the benefit of lower lifecycle costs and reduced maintenance expenses over time.

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Considerations for Your Next Cleveland Commercial Door Purchase

If you’re in the market to buy new Cleveland commercial doors, Advance Door can walk you through every option. Sometimes that’s steel, sometimes not – but they’re popular for good reason. They check many must-have boxes for a lot of commercial properties.

Considerations commercial door customers should keep in mind:

  • Security needs. An industrial steel door is always great for keeping people firmly on whatever side they’re supposed to be on. Some facilities are required to use steel doors to stay compliant with certain industry or operational standards. They can be further fortified with heavy-duty locking mechanisms and other reinforcements.
  • Environmental conditions. If the door is located in a place where it will be exposed to extreme weather, chemicals, moisture, constant use, and possible impacts from heavy equipment, steel doors are typically the best option.
  • Energy efficiency. Steel doors can be manufactured with insulation that helps keep indoor temperatures stable – so your HVAC systems don’t have to work so hard to maintain the comfort of occupants inside.
  • Sustainability. Not only do steel doors last a very long time, they’re also probably the most environmentally friendly commercial door option. Steel is actually the most recycled material in the world – and can go on being recycled pretty much forever. That makes it an attractive option for organizations seeking more sustainable solutions throughout their operation.
  • High fire rating. Many steel doors have a high fire rating and provide effective protection against the spread of fire, smoke, and heat – which can help maximize safety for the people and property on either side. While most wood, aluminum, and fiberglass doors have a 90-minute fire rating, steel doors have a fire rating of 3 hours.
  • Relevant Regulations. Some commercial sites are required, either by statute, industry standards, or best practices, to use select types of industrial steel doors that are going to meet relevant codes for safety, accessibility, fire protection, and more.

Steel doors are a worthwhile investment for Northeast Ohio commercial site customers seeking dependable and secure entry solutions. Have questions? Our Cleveland commercial door experts are happy to help with valuable insights we’ve gained over 40+ years business.

Advance Door Co. provides commercial door products, services, repairs, and replacements to customers throughout Northeast Ohio, including Cleveland, Parma, and surrounding communities. Contact us via email or by calling (216) 220-6022.

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