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Security Add-On Features for Cleveland Commercial Door Repair Customers

Security concerns are at the top of the list of reasons customers contact our Cleveland commercial door repair services. A commercial door that isn’t functioning properly is failing at one of its primary purposes: Adequately securing the premises in order to protect the people and property inside.

Having commercial door repair done by a professional is, of course, one of the best ways to bolster on site security. (DIY commercial door repair attempts can be fraught with hazards – and potential legal liabilities if someone gets hurt or the work isn’t done right.)

But depending on the cause of the malfunction as well as the security concerns specific to your site, it may be worth considering investment in some additional door security features. Doing so at the same time you’re handling the commercial door repair can:

  • Improve safety and security.
  • Reduce costs by having it all done at once.
  • Extend future door maintenance and repair schedules.

According to FBI data, a property break-in occurs every 26 seconds in the U.S. More than one-third of those impact small businesses. More than 8 in 10 burglars (and would-be burglars) reportedly check for the presence of an alarm or other security features before attempting to gain unlawful access.

As commercial door repair experts, we understand clients rely on their doors to do a lot: Shield against the outdoor elements, facilitate safe and efficient ingress/egress for authorized personnel, prevent unauthorized ingress/egress, deter theft, and convey a message about the operation within (one of welcome, utility, professionalism, etc.). That’s why so much care goes into choosing the right commercial door in the first place.

However, sometimes your change. Traffic increases. Materials wear faster than anticipated. Certain risks are heightened. The fact that the door already requires repair is often reason enough to consider whether added security features are worth an investment. Sometimes businesses in this situation start talking about replacing the door entirely. But that may not be necessary if we can adequately improve security features with professional repairs and a few add-on features.

commercial door repair Cleveland security add-on features

Commercial Door Repair Security Add-On Options

Some additional security features that our Cleveland commercial door repair customers may want to consider:

  • Reinforced door frames. Additional reinforcement plates or steel wraps strengthen door frames and help prevent forced entry. Reinforced door frames offer an additional layer of protection against kick-ins or pry attacks.
  • Security grilles or bars. Installation of security grills or bars can be useful over glass panels of commercial doors to stop intruders from breaking the glass and successfully gaining entry. Security grills provide a physical barrier without negatively impact airflow or visibility.
  • Anti-pick locks and anti-bump locks. Upgrading from standard door locks to anti-pick and anti-bump cylinder locks may help prevent unauthorized access through lock manipulation. Many commercial door repair clients opt for these higher security locks for increased resistance to lock bumping, lock picking, or covert entry methods.
  • Door position sensors. Our Cleveland commercial door repair team can install door position sensors to trigger alarms or notifications when doors are either forced open or left open. The ability to immediately flag unauthorized entry attempts or security breaches allows your team to respond quickly.
  • Biometric access control. Implementing biometric access control may be an add-on option for some commercial door repair customers (depending on your current set-up). These features increase security by limiting access based with devices like fingerprint scanners, facial recognition technology, and smart voice controls. Such features can also be used in some facilities to improve accessibility for people with certain disabilities while still maintaining a high level of security.
  • Electronic door locking systems. Electronic locking systems give businesses the ability to manage access remotely. They can also track entries and instantly revoke access in the event of a sudden employee exit or security breach.
  • Security window film. Simple application of security film to the glass panels of commercial doors is a low-tech, low-cost way to improve security by heightening resistance to shattering, impact, or forced entry.

If you’re in the market for a commercial door repair in Cleveland, consider upgrading with one or more of these additional security features to get the most life possible out of your current commercial door setup.

Advance Door Co. provides commercial door installations, repairs, maintenance, and replacements to customers throughout Northeast Ohio, including Cleveland, Parma, and surrounding communities.

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