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Door Operator Options for Your Cleveland Business

A door operator can make a big difference in the functionality of a commercial door used by a Cleveland business. They’re ideal in settings where property managers must prioritize accessibility, convenience, efficiency, security, and safety.

The term “door operator” may have some conjuring mental images of a well-dressed professional at a high-end high-rise responsible for opening doors and screening visitors. In this case, however, a door operator is actually a mechanical or electronic device that automates the opening and closing of doors.

They’re mostly used for industrial and commercial doorways, but sometimes residential – particularly in apartment buildings. In some cases, they are required to provide smooth door control for ease of access and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

But a lot of businesses prefer them even when they aren’t mandated because they can make it much more convenient – and even safer – for workers, guests, and others to enter and exit a space.

That said, choosing the right door operator for your operation requires some careful consideration. Cleveland commercial door customers should take into account the unique functional, space, traffic, budget, and regulatory requirements for each door. The ingress/egress experts at Advance Door can help you narrow down your choices.

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Door Operator Choices for Commercial Applications

Some commercial door customers may be limited in their options if there are strict code or compliance issues they need to factor. But if you aren’t sure which type of door operator you need, here are some possibilities:

Swing door operators.

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These are commonly used in retail stores, offices, small businesses, restrooms and residential buildings with both single and double swing doors. Although they need wide clearance and aren’t great for high-traffic doorways, they’re fairly reliable and simple to use. Most also have manual capability – important in the event of a power failure.

Sliding door operators.

We typically install sliding door operators in busy entranceways, particularly those open to the public. They’re common at airports, malls, hospitals, grocery stores, public transportation facilities, hotels, etc. With a space-saving design (works in narrow corridors or entrances) and smooth, silent operation, these operators offer easy access for people with mobility issues. They do, however, tend to cost a bit more in upkeep than some of the other options.

Revolving door operators.

Revolving doors are part of the functional aesthetic of grand entrances in establishments like luxury hotels, theaters, museums, high-end retail locations, and corporate headquarters. They’re great for keeping energy costs in check, maintaining efficient air flow, and allowing simultaneous entrance and exit. Security is another upside, as revolving doors prevent “tailgating.” They are, however, somewhat pricier than other types of doors/door operators, and they aren’t accessible or super easy to use. Lastly, their installation, regular maintenance, and repairs are more complex than what’s typically required of other door operators.

Folding door operators.

folding door operator

You’ll see these a lot in healthcare facilities, restaurants, schools, and residential complexes. They use space efficiently, can be adapted to a broad range of architectural styles and specs, and provide the option of staying partially open for ventilation. They can also be retrofitted to existing doorways, though they’re generally limited to certain door sizes and weight capacities.

Let Us Help You Decide on Your Next Door Operator

Having a sense of the different types of automatic door operators can help companies make informed choices.

If you need additional information or insights to further narrow it down, our Cleveland commercial door experts are here to help! We have a wide range of options, and are confident we can find the perfect fit for your industry, specs, and daily door use.

Advance Door Co. provides commercial automatic door products, services, repairs, and replacements to customers throughout Northeast Ohio, including Cleveland, Parma, and surrounding communities. Contact us via email or call (216) 220-6022.

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