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Choosing the Best Commercial Garage Door Opener for Your Cleveland Business

If your business routinely uses a garage door, identifying the best commercial garage door opener is key. This is true whether you’re opening a brand new business, expanding your footprint, considering renovations, or just keeping up with premises maintenance.

Most business managers pour a lot of time and attention into the type of commercial garage door they should get. That’s important, but it isn’t the final decision. You’ll still need to weigh the myriad of options on deck for a commercial garage door opener / operator as well.

Note: The terms “garage door opener” and “garage door operator” are often used interchangeably when we’re talking about the device that automates operation of a garage door. However, there can be some slight distinctions in context, depending on the industry. “Garage door opener” is probably the more commonly-used term. But those in commercial and industrial sectors tend to use “garage door operator” to emphasize the overall functionality and safety features of the system as a whole.

Whether you call it an “opener” or “operator,” the best way to narrow down your selection is to consult with an industrial garage door installer or supplier who specializes in commercial applications.

At Advance Door, our Cleveland commercial door experts can assess your operational needs and recommend the best commercial garage door opener/operator in consideration of:

  • Door type. Whether it’s a sectional door, rolling steel door, high-speed door, or some other type, the operator should be compatible with the design of the door.
  • Weight capacity. The commercial garage door opener should have a lifting capacity that matches the weight of the door, with the ability to lift it safely and smoothly.
  • Drive system. You have options for screw-drive, belt-drive, and chain drive openers, each with their own pros & cons. For example, if you have a noise-sensitive environment, belt-drive openers might be best. But if you have a heavier door, you’ll probably opt for a chain drive opener.
  • Power requirements. Some can run on standard electrical power, but others need a specific phase or voltage.
  • Speed & efficiency. High-speed commercial garage door openers are going to be ideal for operations with high traffic volumes, as they can minimize wait times.
  • Remote control needs. Will the doors require remote control access so personnel from different departments or areas of the building can access them? Some systems allow programming for remote operation from multiple sources.
  • Security. Depending on the type of operation you have, you might need rolling code technology, which is useful for blocking unauthorized access and code theft. Some openers can be hooked up to smartphone apps so businesses can facilitate remote monitoring and control.
  • Regulatory compliance. It’s important to check industry standards and local building codes to make sure whatever you choose is in alignment.
  • Budget. Obviously if you want to spend top dollar, you can get all the bells and whistles. But most businesses need to stick to a budget. Just keep in mind that the purchase of a Cleveland commercial garage door opener is an investment that’s ultimately going to protect your premises, your people, and your products while also improving efficiency.
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Types of Commercial Garage Door Openers & Favored Applications for Each

Among the many types of commercial garage door openers, some of the most popular include:

  • Chain Drive Garage Door Opener. These use a metal chain to lift the door. They’re durable and capable of handling large, heavy doors. They’re also cost-effective, but the trade-off is they tend to be pretty loud. They’re often best-suited for industrial facilities, warehouses, and other operations that utilize heavy-duty doors.
  • Belt Drive Garage Door Opener. These systems use a rubber or polyurethane belt to lift the door. They’re typically quieter than chain drive systems, and they’re good for areas that need to keep noise levels in check.
  • Screw Drive Garage Door Opener. These operators make use of a threaded steel rod in order to lift the door. They’re good for medium-duty applications, for which they’re quite reliable. They’re good for moderate-size doors where noise levels don’t need to be super low.
  • Jackshaft Garage Door Opener. These systems are wall-mounted and don’t use a central rail. They’re good for premises where the space above the door is tight: Think car washes, parking garages, and places with high ceilings.
  • Fire Rated Garage Door Opener. These work with fire-rated garage doors, so you’ll see them in hospitals, correctional facilities, fire stations, and industrial buildings. They’re equipped with additional features that ensure they function correctly if there’s a fire.
  • Trolley Style Garage Door Opener. These systems use a trolley that moves the door along a central rail. They’re good for a wide range of commercial settings – like storage and warehouse facilities – that primarily use standard overhead doors.
  • High Speed Garage Door Opener. If your facility needs quick access to the space, a high-speed garage door operator system will facilitate rapid door operation, reduce wait times, and boost efficiency. They’re great for loading docks, distribution centers, and manufacturing sites.

If you’re considering installing, replacing, or upgrading your commercial garage door opener system in Northeast Ohio, we can help!

Advance Door Co. provides commercial door products, services, repairs, and replacements to customers throughout Northeast Ohio, including Cleveland, Parma, and surrounding communities.

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