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Choosing the Best Automatic Door for Your Cleveland Commercial Space

Owners and operators of Cleveland commercial spaces know how important it is to prioritize accessibility, energy efficiency and convenience. Automatic doors are a popular pick for all those reasons. But shopping for the best automatic door is a quick way to find out there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

The best automatic door for YOUR business is one that considers the unique size, purpose, location and aesthetics of that particular location. A storefront that caters to the public is going to need something different than a warehouse and logistics center or manufacturing facility. The automatic door at the front of a retail center won’t be ideal for the rear warehouse receiving entrance. Whichever automatic commercial door you choose needs to align with what is needed for the space.

If you’re trying to narrow your list, the Cleveland automatic door experts at Advance Door Co. can offer insight.

Benefits of Automatic Doors in Commercial Buildings

Automatic doors are operated with the use of various sensors. These can be photoelectric or infrared. Today, the majority of automatic doors in commercial buildings rely on motion-detecting technology (either with microwave pulses or passive infrared sensors).

It’s common to spot automatic doors in both residential and commercial spaces, as well as public and government buildings (schools, hospitals, courthouses, etc.). Primary benefits include ease of operation, improved security, and energy efficiency. Whereas manual doors often allow indoor air to escape and outside air in, automatic doors keep air flow under control, reducing draughts and limiting your energy bills. They can also improve ADA accessibility for those who may physically struggle to open doors on their own.

They do tend to require replacement more often than a non-powered door. However, if you choose the best automatic door for your operation and keep up with maintenance, they can last 20+ years.

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Factors to Weigh When Selecting an Automatic Door

When our Cleveland commercial door replacement and repair technicians consult with a business on a new automatic door purchase, we recommend they start with an outlined of the following priorities:

Overall Purpose.

We can help you better identify the materials and type of door you’ll need if you can provide information on foot traffic volume, security requirements, and overall purpose of that ingress/egress spot.

Traffic Flow.

Automatic doors come in a lot of configurations (revolving, swinging, sliding, folding, etc.), but your choice will carefully consider the constraints of the space and the type/flow of traffic. Which way is traffic primarily moving? Can people safely travel in both directions simultaneously? Is this an area where you need some degree of “traffic calming”?

Security Features.

Virtually every commercial operation has some security needs, but the extent of those are going to vary. The security needs of a grocery store are going to be limited compared to a hospital maternity ward. A warehouse operator is smart to prevent unauthorized access to certain spaces, but not to the same degree as the reinforcements a jail demands. Some organizations may want to consider advanced access control systems, such as card readers, biometric scanners, etc.

Compliance with Regulations.

Speaking of jails and hospitals, there are sometimes legal and/or building code requirements that doors have to meet. Sometimes these are community specific (city building codes), sometimes they are industry-specific.

Energy Efficiency.

If you have an automatic door separating inside from outside or separating an area that is temperature-controlled, consideration of energy efficiency is going to be high on your list.

Durability and Maintenance.

If you expect the door is likely to get a significant amount of use, you’ll want to choose a sturdy model less prone to glitches, damage, and routine maintenance. Our Cleveland automatic door technicians can provide a list of reputable manufacturers with a proven track record, customer testimonials, and various warranty options.

Integration with Building Systems.

For some commercial property owners, the ease with which their automatic doors can be integrated with other building systems (HVAC, fire alarms, security systems, etc.), the better.

Budget Considerations.

Budget is sometimes a significant factor for commercial doors, especially if they need more than one. That said, sometimes a high-quality automatic door can end up reducing your total cost because they conserve energy and require fewer repairs and replacements.

Bottom line: By considering these factors, companies can choose the best automatic doors for the unique needs of their operation, seamless and secure entry and exit point for employees, customers, and visitors.

Advance Door Co. provides commercial automatic door products, services, repairs, and replacements to customers throughout Northeast Ohio, including Cleveland, Parma, and surrounding communities.

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