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What Good are Fabric or Rubber Doors? Cleveland Commercial Door Company Techs Explain

Doors can be made from all different types of materials – including (surprisingly) fabric and rubber. As the Cleveland commercial door company team at Advance Door can explain, both fabric doors and rubber doors provide unique value – but only for certain spaces.

They won’t stand up 1:1 against a steel or wooden door in terms of strength and security, but they make up for it with flexibility, durability, and environmental control. That makes them ideal choices for very specific applications – mostly in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Fundamental Fabric Door Uses

Fabric doors, sometimes referred to as high-speed doors or roll up doors, are made with fabric fibers that are flexible, but often high-strength, reinforced with something like polyester. Their design allows them to open rapidly, meaning they’re great for fast access.

These qualities make them ideal for operations that ingress/egress points where high speed and durability are priorities. If overhead space is limited, fabric doors can be a good solution.

In warehouses and distribution centers, fabric doors limit air exchange between areas, can open quickly, and can withstand heavy usage without needing expensive repairs. They can facilitate the fast in-out movement of goods and vehicles. Cleveland door company sellers know they’re also in high demand in facilities that make use of cleanrooms (hospitals, research centers, etc.). With potential for airtight seals, fabric doors are perfect to prevent contamination to maintain controlled atmospheres. Retail operations also sometimes use fabric doors in areas with high customer traffic.

The longevity of a fabric door will depend on the quality of materials, how frequently it’s used and how well it’s maintained. They can have a fairly long service life if you take care of them.

Recognizing the Value of Rubber Doors

Northeast Ohio is home to the Rubber Capital of the World, and the material has many uses in the commercial door industry. Most typically, we see it used in:

  • weather stripping
  • gaskets and seals
  • door bottom seals
  • impact buffers and bumpers
  • vibration dampening
  • fire and smoke seals

But sometimes, the whole door itself can be made of rubber too.

Rubber doors are made from durable rubber materials, and they’re often reinforced with some type of fabric. They may be a single sheet that rolls up and down as needed or thick, vertical strips that allow for quick, unblocked access. They are compact, space-saving, durable, and economical. They can also withstand extreme temperatures, corrosive substances, and high winds.

We see them often in places with cold storage needs (warehouses, restaurants, grocery stores, laboratories, etc.). They’re also popular at loading docks because they can make for quick, efficient access for large trucks. In food processing plants, they’re popular because they’re easy-to-clean, hygienic, and resistant to moisture.

Cleveland Commercial Door Company Can Help Identify the Right Option for Your Operation

Both fabric doors and rubber doors offer unique advantages in terms of speed, durability, and environmental control. Their design and materials make them well-suited for specific commercial applications where these features are essential for optimal functionality and efficiency.

If you’re looking for new installation or repair of rubber or fabric doors, trust the expert technicians at Advance Door Inc. to help you review your options and get the job done right.

Advance Door Co. provides commercial door products, services, repairs, and replacements to customers throughout Northeast Ohio, including Cleveland, Parma, and surrounding communities.

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