best shutters, grilles, and security gates for business in Cleveland

Best Shutters, Grilles, and Security Gates for Business Owners in Cleveland

Whether you’re a mom-and-pop or international conglomerate, business owners of all sizes need to prioritize the protection of their onsite assets. As the Cleveland door experts at Advance Door can explain, shutters, grilles, and/or security gates for business sites can be highly effective for this purpose.

Loss Prevention Magazine reports low-tech safety barriers like rolling shutters, side-folding grilles, and scissor gates can markedly reduce the risk of break-ins, thefts, and robberies. Why? Because these features make quick, quiet access virtually impossible. Most people who approach your business with ill intent know they’re much more likely to be busted if they sticking around any longer than 2-3 minutes. The presence of gates, shutters, and grilles will make getting in a much longer – and noisier – task. It sends a message that you’re not an easy target, which often means you aren’t worth the risk.

Some additional benefits of these security features:

  • Enhanced privacy. This is ideal for businesses or operations that handle sensitive information or prioritize client privacy.
  • Insurance discounts. Commercial premises liability insurance firms may offer discounts on premiums when you install effective security features.
  • Compliance with regulations. Depending on your industry and location, it’s possible that regulations may require you to have security features like this in place to maintain compliance.

Our Cleveland commercial door experts can list the pros/cons of each option, review the various brands and added features, and help you decide on which one – or combination – will best suit your business budget and security needs.

Here, we offer a broad overview of what shutters, grilles and security gates for business sites are, the unique advantages of each, and which applications are the most common.

Security Shutters for Business

Commercial security shutters are basically security doors or window coverings designed to protect business properties from a range of threats, such as burglaries, vandalism, severe weather, and unauthorized access. Most commercial shutters are made of a durable material, like aluminum or steel. They’re typically available in a range of configurations, like roll-up, accordion-style, or sectional designs. Customization options for store security shutters can include manual or motorized operation, depending on what works best for your business needs.

High-quality security shutters should be made of thick, solid material, include features like tamper-resistant locks and reinforced slats, and be weather-resistant.

Examples of businesses in Northeast Ohio that most often opt for security shutters:

  • Retail stores. In particular, stores containing high-value items like electronics, jewelry, etc.
  • Convenience stores. Vulnerable to break-ins and robberies (accounting for 7 percent of total reported robberies in the U.S.).
  • Banks & ATMs. Heavy-duty shutters can safeguard and secure the premises of a financial institution or cash-dispensing machine.
  • Pharmacies. Highly-controlled medications must be stored in a tightly-secured facility. Many pharmacies are located in drug stores or healthcare facilities, and utilize shutters during closed hours.

Security Grilles for Business

Security grilles – gates or doors – provide a type of barrier that businesses often use to enhance security while maintaining visibility and airflow. Grilles consist of a series of interconnected metal (often aluminum) bars or slates that can be retracted or expanded to keep entrances, windows, or other access points secure.

Grilles can be an effective and versatile security solution for a wide range of businesses in Northeast Ohio. They can be customized for size, design, and finish to match the aesthetics of a premises, as well as to meet certain security requirements.

Some of the commercial operations that commonly utilize grilles:

  • Malls & shopping centers. Installing interior structure grilles can provide security for one store or one section of a facility, while still allowing for visibility/access during business hours.
  • Storefronts/buildings with large windows. Think art galleries, boutique fashion shops, or other locations where expansive glass windows are ideal during business hours, but fail to provide adequate protection during closing times.
  • Store counters/cashier windows. This can be especially useful for 24-7 businesses, those located in high-crime areas, or whose assets/people are at high risk of theft, robbery, attack, etc.

Security Gates for Business

If you’ve been sizing up security gates for business in Cleveland, you already know what they are: Physical barriers that serve as access control systems designed to enhance security and limit entry – either to the business premises as a whole or just portions of it.

Security gates for business have a lot of applications. They’re used as:

  • Perimeter security gates. These are installed at the business property entry points, such as the main gate, driveway gate, or parking lot gate. Access to the entire property is controlled to ensure only authorized people/vehicles can enter.
  • Entryway gates. These will be at the building or facility entrance. Storefronts, office complexes, and industrial facilities commonly use entryway gates.
  • Slide gates. Slide gates open horizontally, most commonly used for larger entrances and industrial sites.
  • Swing gates. These gates operate on a hinge and swing to open or close. They’re often used at pedestrian entrances or at smaller vehicle access points.
  • Roll-up gates. These are interconnected slats that can be rolled up or down. They’re good for storefronts or other businesses that don’t have a ton of space, but need to balance the need for customer visibility with premises security.

These security solutions can offer a robust defense against threats while providing flexibility and customization to suit your specific needs. Consulting with a professional commercial door expert at Advance Door can help you determine the most suitable options for your business and ensure proper installation for maximum security.

Advance Door Co. provides commercial automatic door products, services, repairs, and replacements to customers throughout Northeast Ohio, including Cleveland, Parma, and surrounding communities.

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